Hi, Guy!

In the mid 90’s, I saved the following little piece from a magazine with the intent of perhaps using it in a class some time. I forgot about it and never used it.

Two-way communication

I once worked for a rather staid corporation. At the time, a popular commercial featured a man opening his bathroom medicine cabinet to find a face grinning back at him and shouting, “Hi, Guy!”

I was new to the company, and frequently saw a man in a dark suit pass me on the floor where I worked. We’d exchange looks but never speak.

One day to break the ice, I grinned and loudly said, “Hi, Guy!” He looked surprised, said nothing, and walked away.

I continued to greet him in the same manner for two weeks – until I saw his picture in the company newsletter. He was the CEO.

The next time we crossed paths I started to apologize for being so informal. But he just looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “Hi, Guy!”

I’m sure some instructor somewhere might be able to use this in a class of some kind or another.

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