About exit78

The name for this blog comes from Interstate 40 exit 78 in Arkansas.

For most of my time at my last job, I crossed the exit 78 overpass on my way to and from work. With no entrance or exit ramps on the east side of the exit, I used an access road rather than the interstate.

In the last few years, there has been quite a bit of road construction in the state including a reconstruction of exit 78 with a new overpass and entrance and exit ramps in both directions. The construction also resulted in a new spectacular view of the lake at the highest point of the exit, as seen in the view at the top of the blog.

In the weeks prior to the creation of this web log, I had been trying to come up with an original name for it. I wanted a simple name that would be easy to remember. I didn’t want it to be something that was too corny or that would immediately place it in a category that isn’t intended.

This blog is intended to be a vehicle for self-publishing material related to things I’m interested. I hope that others will be interested in what I have to offer.

About me:

I retired recently at a relatively young age. I am taking at least a year off before thinking about looking for work. In that time I will be doing some traveling with my wife, working on my web pages, blogs, and photography.

I create web pages with what I consider to be legitimate content that may be of some use or interest to others.

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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