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Over the last few hours, I’ve tried commenting on quite a few blogs on Blogger. Apparently, unless you have a Google or Blogger account, you can’t leave your URL to be linked with your nickname when you comment on a blog post.

Leaving your name and URL with a comment on a blog post is part of the social interaction between bloggers. This tosses a huge wrench into the blogworks that may be more than just a little bit frustrating to many.

I have a Google account and I have a Gmail address. However, I don’t have a blog on Blogger and I don’t plan on getting one. I started out on Blogger and left when it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. I also — at this time — don’t use my Gmail.

You can still leave your URL as a link, but it has to be in the body of the comment and it has to be in html. I used that in several of the comments I left this evening.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bloggers out there that don’t know how to do that — and they shouldn’t have to know.

I learned about this change earlier this evening in a post on DCR blogs entitled Glitch, or Change at Google/Blogger?

I think it’s a change — but I hope it’s a glitch that’s fixed soon!

Comments on “Google — tweaking on Blogger”

November 30, 2007

dcr @ 9:40 am

Thanks for the link!

I’m surprised this isn’t being discussed more around the blogosphere.

Opal Tribble @ 4:10 pm

I just commented on someones blog and noticed this also. I have noticed this happens a lot on blogger and it’s one of the reasons I shudder every time I see someone with it. If it’s acting up I always have to jump through the extra hoops. I shouldn’t have to.

Rose @ 9:23 pm

I noticed it earlier and was about to blog about it too. It is not a glitch as far as I know.

Blogger has introduced open ID to Blogger in draft yet took away our other option. This sucks Mike I tell ya.


Mike Goad @ 9:57 pm

I figured it wasn’t a glitch. Just hopeful thinking.


December 1, 2007

teeni @ 12:11 am

I noticed this as a lot of my blog friends use Blogger. I thought I was doing something wrong and screwed it up.


jimmy @ 12:44 pm

you are right my friend google blogger is pain staking can edit thing you want your page to do.
one has to do the job in limited tweeks.

And thanks for visiting


December 2, 2007

dcr @ 2:16 pm

I’m starting to see Blogger blogs beginning to activate OpenID, so I’m able to signin with my WordPress account. Pity Google/Blogger never (apparently and as yet anyway) notified their users about the change, but posts are beginning to surface explaining how they can activate OpenID. (Or how you can sign up for OpenID.)


January 9, 2008

Rose @ 10:43 am

They added the url option back. :)


Mike Goad @ 11:59 am

I SAW that! Guess they got the message or fixed a glitch (or both) ;)


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