Getting some OJT

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting some OJT — on-the-job training — on how to set up an internet satellite system.

Except it’s not exactly on-the-job, since I don’t have one — a job, that is.

The guy that’s going to provide the training doesn’t have one, either. He makes some money doing it, but it’s extra money, not a job type money. He’s retired, too.

After researching internet satellite systems, I decided this is the way that I wanted to go. I’m sure that I could have a system sent to me and I could figure out how to do it. There’s some manuals on-line that tell you how to do it.

However, after 20-plus years as an instructor, I know that the best way to learn in most instances is to watch someone else do it, then practice it, and then do it again. That’s how Ron does his training.

Another good thing about it — there’s no test! The criteria for successful completion of the training is that it is over when I feel comfortable setting the system up.

2007 will be the first year for me since 1957 that I haven’t had to take some kind of test.

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  • Rose Sep 5, 2007

    Hopefully you won't be disappointed with internet satellite.

  • Mike Goad Sep 5, 2007

    Rose – We had some problems today getting set up and I was starting to get a little worried. However, after we all went over to another town for supper and got back to Sam's Camp, he had figured out what the problem and had a good signal.

    I don't think we will be disappointed with satellite internet. Right now, Ron is letting us "share" his wireless which is connected to a satellite internet system. I've noticed a few things being a little slower, but not many. When we get home, we'll buy a stationary system to mount permanently, though we'll use the same account.

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