Getting Settled on How I’m Going to Be Using This Blog in Our Travels

When we first left on this trip, I decided that I would be retiring one of my other blogs,– Haw Creek Out ‘n About , my outdoors and travel related blog –and that I would fold the content from that blog into this one, Exit78.

However, that idea ended up detracting from the way that this blog was developing, so I changed my mind and decided to continue using Haw Creek Out ‘n About for outdoors and travel related material. It’s going to mean backing up and adding material to Haw Creek Out ‘n About from earlier in the trip, but that’s alright.

The first post from earlier in the trip is up. It’s from August 26, 2007, but I will be posting the earlier material there also, which will be post dated for the applicable dates, as I explain in Catching Up is Hard to Do.

This image is from the August 26, 2007 post, which also has several other photos.

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Comments on “Getting Settled on How I’m Going to Be Using This Blog in Our Travels”

August 28, 2007

teeni @ 11:23 am

What a great sight to see on vacation! I’m going to try and find the time to come back and check your other photos from the trip a little later. Thanks for sharing!

A lost Exit78 post, recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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