Getting in Shape for Retirement

I always seem to do better when I spend time working out at a fitness center near here. Unfortunately, working out takes time and then I have less time to do some of the other things that interest me, so I usually end up letting the workouts slip.

About 6 weeks ago I strained my back doing some work around the house. I was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of weeks. It was bad enough that I went to the clinic — and I’m one of those who has to be hurting pretty bad before I’ll see a doctor. Fortunately it wasn’t anything serious and I resolved to start working out — once my back was well enough.

However, I didn’t wait until it was totally back to normal. I decided to try a moderate work out followed by 20 minutes in the whirlpool in the morning before work. That really made a difference! I did that several times over the next couple of weeks and I think it really helped to speed my recovery.

I’m now back into a regular regimen of aerobic exercise. For the last three weeks, I’ve been to the fitness center every single work day. I spend at least an hour on a stair-climber, elliptical cross-trainer or on the indoor track — and when I exercise, I put a lot into it. I’m to the point now that my clothes are totally drenched with perspiration by the time that I am done.

The main thing driving me right now is that I want to be in as good a shape as I can be in so for retirement. I want to have an active life style and want to be able to “hit the ground running.”

Today, working on top of my roof, I found myself doing something that I hadn’t done in a long time — I was sitting with my legs crossed in front of me — not something this 54 year old somewhat overweight fellow does very often. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I was able to do it comfortably.

I’m looking forward to being able to do more things that I haven’t done in a while!

Post from one of my abandoned blogs – North Farnham Freeholder – recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine; March 2011

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