Funny Monday – College Humor – A True Story

Several years ago — OK, it was a long, long time ago — I was attending college as a non-traditional student, finishing up my degree while working full-time. George Herbert Walker Bush was the president of the United States and Al Gore was a United Sates Senator who hadn’t invented the internet yet.

One of the classes I was in was a college algebra class. It was the first college class that I had ever had that required a calculator — the only calculator I had used in high school had been a slide rule.

The airhead I was sitting behind was having difficulty getting the answers and kept asking the professor questions about how to do the calculations for the problems on the black board.

Exasperated, the professor finally asked, “What kind of calculator do you have? It’s supposed to be a scientific calculator.”

The airhead replied, “Well, of course it’s scientific — it’s a solar calculator!”

Funny Monday

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  • Rose Oct 22, 2007

    Omg too funny. Was he blond?

  • Mike Goad Oct 22, 2007

    Yes, dirty blond… but I deliberately neglected to identify airhead's sex.

  • Calamity Oct 22, 2007

    LOL Sounds like something I would say. LOL To myself, mind you, never out loud….:/

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