From the road in early July

On July 9th, we were headed to Wyoming from our last stop in Nebraska, following  the path of the emigrant trails of the mid 1800s.

We saw a lot of these flowers along the way.

flower on side of road in Nebraska

Courthouse and Jail Rocks are two of the most famous landmarks of westward migration.  Nearby passed the Oregon – California Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Pony Express Trail, and the Sidney – Deadwood Trail.  The rocks were the first of scenic markers travelers would encounter on their westward travel.  Hundreds of emigrants mentioned Courthouse Rock in their diaries.  The formations were first noted by explorer Robert Stuart in 1812, the name Courthouse was first used in 1837.

Courthouse and Jail Rocks in western Nebraska

Chimney Rock is another notable feature along the trails to the west.  The first recorded mention of ‘Chimney Rock’ was in 1827 by Joshua Pilcher. Pilcher had journeyed up the Platte River valley to the Salt Lake rendezvous of the Rocky Mountain fur trappers. The first non-natives to see the pillar were probably the Astorians of Robert Stuart in their eastern journey from the Pacific Ocean in 1812. This marker of the plains was recorded in many travelers’ journals.

Chimney Rock


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