Fort Laramie, Wyoming

We visited Fort Laramie late in the day after stopping at several other places.  As a result, we were tired and didn’t spend as much time looking through it as we would have liked to – and we still were an hour away from where we planned to stop.

Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Barracks at Fort Laramie, Wyoming

From Wikipedia:

Fort Laramie was a significant 19th century trading post and diplomatic site located in the U.S. state of Wyoming. During the middle 19th century, it was a primary stopping point on the Oregon Trail and the Mormon Trail and was, along with Bent’s Fort on the Arkansas River, the most significant economic hub of commerce in the region. In the 1840s it was taken over by the United States Army to protect travelers on the Oregon, California and Mormon trails.

Today, the remaining structures are preserved as the Fort Laramie National Historic Site by the National Park Service.

National Park Service – Fort Laramie


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