Eyes of the Great Depression 056

Eyes of the Great Depression 056

image Resettlement Administration staff photographer Walker Evans took this photo in March 1936 in a field on U.S. Route 70 in Tennessee, near Tennessee River between Camden and Bruceton. The family was living in the open field in a one-room hut built over the chassis of abandoned Ford truck.  Meals were cooked in a rudimentary, open lean-to near the hut.  The hut was “housing” provided by a landlord for an illiterate wood-cutter.

The family’s twelve-year old daughter is pictured in the lean-to at Eyes of the Great Depression 047 and Eyes of the Great Depression 036.

Part of Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

More information about this item (Library of Congress)


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