Eyes of the Great Depression 009

Eyes of the Great Depression 009

Eyes of the Great Depression 009

In Farm Security Administration (FSA) migrant labor camp during pea harvest. Family from Oklahoma with eleven children. Father, eldest daughter and eldest son working. She: “I want to go back to where we can live happy, live decent, and grow what we eat.” He: “I’ve made my mistake and now we can’t go back. I’ve got nothing to farm with.” Brawley, Imperial County, California. Photo by Dorothea Lange, February 23, 1939.

Library of Congress image.

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  • teeni Nov 29, 2008

    How sad. And eleven children. Holy cow.

  • Michelle Gartner Nov 29, 2008

    11 or 5 it's all good… actually after about four kids, the body revolts. I don't know how they did it. I am known as a freak in my family- only child has 5 kids… years ago there was speculation I didn't even like kids. HA!

    They tried- sometimes a gamble did not pay off. He only wanted something better for his family…

  • Cath Lawson Nov 30, 2008

    Hi Mike – Imagine what it would cost to feed 11 children now. It's so sad – they weren't even wanting anything special or expensive – just to be able to make their own food.

  • randall day Nov 29, 2010

    that poor family when i think that i have it so bad. thats all it takes to make me not feel so bad.

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