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A mother in California who with her husband and her two children will be returned to Oklahoma by the Relief Administration. This family had lost a two-year-old baby during the winter as a result of exposure. Photo by Dorothea Lange; March 1937.

Library of Congress image.
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With another photo caption, Dorothea Lange recorded more information about the family: “Family of four to be returned to Oklahoma by the Relief Administration. ‘They won’t go until they get so hungry that there’s nothing else for them to do. They won’t go – not twenty-five percent will go’ said a transient case worker in Imperial County. This family was hungry. They lost a two-year-old baby as the result of exposure during the winter. Holtville, California” Unfortunately, the Library of Congress image for this photo in not available in higher resolution.

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  • teeni Nov 23, 2008

    She almost doesn't look old enough to be a mom, forget having lost a two-year-old. How sad.

  • Dot Nov 24, 2008

    She looks so lost.

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