Eyes of the Great Depression 005

Eyes of the Great Depression 005

Wife of a migratory laborer with three children. Near Childress, Texas. Nettie Featherston; photo by Dorothea Lange, June 1938.  “I just prayed and prayed and prayed all the time that God would take care of us and not let my children starve…”  (Brief biography and portion of oral history interview )

Library of Congress image.

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  • Michelle Gartner Nov 14, 2008

    This one I have seen before the lady is actually not at all unattractive, but given the circumstances she looks beat down by life. Notice too that she is probably malnourished or at the very least has gone without 3 squares a day. Too it's sad that she is wearing a dress fashioned out of feedsacks.

  • Mike Goad Nov 18, 2008

    One of the things that I've noticed in these pictures is that almost everyone is thin by today's standard. I don't think she's a stranger to real hunger in a way almost none of us have ever experienced. I didn't recognize what her dress was made from. I've got a lot more images queued up to select from.

  • Neil Scott-Petrie Jun 7, 2014

    Hi couldn’t help overhearing if you go here http://dorothealange.com/dlbook.pdf you will get a color image of Nettie Featherston on the last page, also other color images of Dorothea Lange’s work

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