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  • Michelle Gartner Nov 3, 2008

    She looks so happy which is kind of odd for the work. Cotton Picking is excruciating and it cuts through the hands. When I traveled with my parents in the seventies to pick up money we would stop at orchards and at different farms and pick whatever fruit or produce was ready to harvest. I remember the apples and pears seemed to be ok work for my parents and so we did that for a couple weeks. (My Mom did fall out of tree once that was freaky). One time however- I remember we went to a vineyard to pick grapes. I was 4 and I sat under the grapes in the hot sun- there was no where to go and I felt miserable. My parents made it to about noon actually working picking grapes before they gave up. My parents said it was the worse work imaginable… I imagine that cotton picking is even worse. Grapes do not cut hands at least I do not think they do.

  • teeni Nov 4, 2008

    Great photo! She does look happier than I would have expected but then who knows what her situation was. Maybe she was glad to get work. Or maybe just glad for the break from the work for the chance to be a model for a few moments. There is a story here somewhere, I am sure of it! 😉

  • Mike Goad Nov 4, 2008

    Michelle – That is so interesting. Thanks for contributing. Imagine having to do that kind of work just to survive and then not being able to find adequate work because there are so many other people willing to do it that it drives the pay down to less than subsistence level.

    teeni – Yes, she does look happy. I wrestled with using this image in this project, but then decided that it wouldn't be honest to exclude it.

  • Michelle Gartner Nov 8, 2008

    Mike- interestingly enough I was reading Reminisce two days ago and one of the articles was

    Depressed by the Depression? No Way!

    The gist was that making do brought families together and I believe it. I am not exactly rolling in dough right now- both my husband and I own our own businesses and there is not a lot of business happening for us. With five kids it's tough – but I enjoy every minute together. This is the best time of my life.

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