Enhanced Work Process…

I know… I’m retired.

I shouldn’t be writing about enhanced work processes.

However, if I had figured this out, when I was still working, it might have made a few things easier.

It’s very simple — just a second monitor.

However, the way that it works is to expand the desktop. Now I can have two different aps open full screen and use the mouse to drag and drop from one ap to the other — a lot less cutting and pasting.

I just finished redirecting all of my wife’s web pages from her old location to the new location — including checking each redirect worked — in a little over an hour. It would have taken twice as long before and would have been much more confusing and error prone. (Can you spell T-R-A-P… just kidding, guys).

Anyhow, if I would have had this before … oh, never mind. I would have had to have bought my own second monitor.

But I might have — I just might have.

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  • CSP72 May 23, 2007

    You are very correct, except when you try to return to a single screen and your apps don't realize you have changed! Happens in the simulator on the "remote" PCs'.

  • Mike May 23, 2007


    I’ll have to remember to move all of the apps over to the laptop before we leave for our next trip. I guess I just assumed it would “know what to do.”

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