Doofus state park dude at it again!

Inspired Parking
Posted on Flickr by richardmasoner

I was at the building supply store the other day and that young, healthy, and spry doofus state park dude was parking his official state park vehicle in the loading zone again.

Fortunately, though, I didn’t need to pick up anything outside so he didn’t inconvenience me and he wasn’t directly in front of any of the building materials that are stored outside for easy loading for customers.

Still, he seems to regard the loading zone as a parking spot for official vehicles.

I wonder if he does the same when he uses his private vehicle.

Probably not.

He probably parks his private vehicle in handicap parking, even though he’s young, healthy and spry.

For background on this rant, read Why do people park where they’re not supposed to?

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  • Dot Dec 9, 2008

    Because he can, I guess! It's a power trip. Or, is he sitting in the vehicle taking a break? We had a couple of police cars whose drivers would sit in the municipal pool parking lot chatting. There were trees all around, so they couldn't be easily seen.

  • Mike Goad Dec 9, 2008

    No, he's not sitting in the vehicle. He goes inside to buy stuff. Both times, though, that I've seen him parked there, he hasn't been picking anything up that required loading, so he shouldn't have been parked in the loading zone — in my very humble opinion.

  • teeni Dec 9, 2008

    Rules only apply to those who abide by them. Regardless, he's a jerk.

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