Do I Miss It?

Karen asked me a couple of hours ago if I missed having a boss.

Interesting question — obvious answer.

At least to me.

One of the things I so much enjoyed about the job that I had was the amount of freedom from oversight that I had most of the time. Even with that though, I was directly answerable to someone else.

Now, though, I don’t have that, which translates into significantly more freedom than I had before.

Not having a boss is more than just not having a supervisor.

It’s not having Performance Planning and Review — I didn’t even know what PP&R meant until just before I retired.

It’s not having:

  • 3 hours a month at the plant, whether I spent 100 hours there last quarter or not
  • condition reports for students late to class or absent
  • extreme focus on safety to the point of being ludicrous
  • management observation of training by people whose only qualification for evaluating my presentation is that they’ve attended some kind of training in the past
  • assessment after assessment after assessment
  • a safety minute every day
  • a safety meeting every month
  • etc., etc., etc.

It’s not being answerable to someone else for all of the things that added little value to our core business.

Like I said, the answer is obvious.

I do wear my gloves almost every day, though.

It has nothing to do with safety.

I just don’t like splinters.


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Comments on “Do I miss it?”

May 1, 2007

CSP72 @ 12:46 pm

I really hate the splinters!

May 3, 2007

ajs @ 4:57 pm

I knew that I hated those things but didn’t truly understand how much they had beat me down until I got out from under them. 3 months of freedom … life is good again. I too still wear my gloves.


Mike @ 5:30 pm

Yeah, but we wear the gloves when we need them, not any time we pick up anything heavier than a pencil (mild sarcasm), and we don’t carry them around just in case we might need them.


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