Devils Garden.

Our three night stay at Arches National Park was in the Devils Garden Campground. Eighteen miles from the park entrance, the campground is located in the middle of red sandstone fins, boulders and rocky hills, Utah juniper and pinion pines, yucca and prickly pear cacti.  The La Sal mountains can be seen in the distance. There are also a few arches nearby. One of them, Skyline Arch, was only a short walk and climb from our campsite, though climbing up into the arch itself was a bit of a stretch.

The nearest town, Moab, is 23 miles away, so there is very little light to pollute the night sky, making the campground a great place to view  the wonders of the night sky.

2011 09 22 160aLike most U.S. national park campgrounds, Devils Garden has no hookups for water, electricity, or sewer.  Facilities do include potable water, picnic tables, and grills, but there are no showers.  There are 50 sites that can be reserved between March 1 and October 31.  This is a very popular campground and, for anyone who would like to camp here,  I would recommend making reservations.



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Arches National Park.



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