Critters in the yard… and a really strange critter occurance!

Since we no longer have any cats, we seem to have a lot more critters in our yard. Granted, we do live in the country, but we’ve never had so much wildlife actually in the yard.

Of course, it’s mostly small stuff. There are at least 5 different squirrels, a couple of rabbits and lots of birds — many of them regulars at the feeder. Deer aren’t unusual and, while it’s been a while, sometimes we see wild turkeys.

Today, though, we were sitting on the front porch reading and I thought I saw a small dog heading across the yard. I looked closer — it wasn’t a dog.

It was a fox. It trotted lazily across the yard in front of the house and across the driveway into the woods.

I know that there are foxes in this part of Arkansas. I’ve seen one two or three times over the years on my way to work.

But in our front yard in broad daylight while we’re sitting on the front porch?

What’s the chances of that?


I’m currently working on a new Woolly Hollow State Park page.

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  • teeni Jun 9, 2008

    They have to be desperate to allow themselves to be seen like that. It’s sad in a way that we have given them little else for options though by taking away their habitats. Although I don’t want one in my yard or too close to my home, I do admire their beauty.

  • Opal Tribble Jun 10, 2008

    That is funny foxes are elusive critters. I saw one do something similar; however, he had rabies. The deer where we live come right up to the house and graze in my yard. Heh, they must know that I’m Vegan or something. πŸ˜‰

  • Mike Goad Jun 13, 2008

    teeni – I don’t think that the fox was that desperate. He looked very healthy and appeared to be just passing through. I don’t mind the fox in my yard nearly as much as the copperhead that was in the flower bed Karen was working on a couple of days ago.

    Opal – There are a lot of deer in this area. My brother-in-law and his wife had their vehicles damaged three times in a week from either hitting a deer that ran into the road or a deer running into the road and into the side of their vehicle. I always try to drive slower at night with my high beams on as much as possible. So far, we’ve been lucky.

  • Teeni Jun 13, 2008

    Well, I’m glad he looked healthy anyway. Now that you mention it, I have seen others in the open that seemed perfectly healthy too. The first time I saw a red fox I was awestruck by it’s beauty and almost forgot to breathe. LOL. Oh, my – yikes about the copperhead.

    I had to laugh at Opal’s comment about the deer knowing she was vegan. A friend of mine has arborvitae shrubs between her and her neighbor’s home in a long line separating the properties. The other day, I noticed looking out her window that the last 8 to 10 of them were shaped rather oddly, as if someone had pruned them into perfect phallic symbol shapes. Yes, fine, I’ll just say it – they were shaped like penises! When I told my friend she laughed and explained that the deer came and ate away at the shrubs as far up as they could reach, thereby leaving the shrubs in that shape. LOL.

    Okay, Mike – be prepared for some funky search terms of your own now. πŸ˜‰

  • Mike Goad Jun 26, 2008

    Karen and our oldest daughter saw the fox (or a fox very much like the first one) in our yard again a few days later. As soon as it saw them, it skedaddled pretty fast.

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