Crash… Smash…. Flash… Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work…


Yesterday started out to be a very, very nice day. We were planning to work outside, expecting temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. We didn’t know that a fiece cold front was heading our way.

The temperature peaked at about 72 degrees, but about 100 miles northwest of us the temperature was already 50 degrees below that. I decided working outside wasn’t too smart after our trash cans had blown over three times, especially with small dead branches and twigs coming off the trees. After the third time, we decided to bring the trash containers next the house where thay would be sheltered from the wind.

As we were heading back indoors, I heard a sound like sheet metal roofing ripping loose. We looked around to see if we could find the cause and discovered we had several trees down in our acre east of the house. Great. We’ll deal with that later.

Soon after we got back in the house, we lost power. That was at 1 P.M. When we called the utility company, the automated system said that they were aware of the power outage and that power would be restored by 9 P.M.. It’s now after 9 P.M. the next day and power is still out.

Not long after we lost power, I got a phone call from the consulting company that my contract is going to be through with word that they had received the purchase order and that the client would like me to start today. So I went to work this morning, even though employment paperwork could not be done because I didn’t have computer access due to the power outage.

Tonight, I have a generator running to provide power for the fan in our fireplace insert, a light, our DSL modem, wireless router, laptop, television and satellite dish — and power to the printer so I could print out the employment paperwork so I can get it all filled out and faxed in from work in the morning. Bedrooms are closed off, so we are sleeping on couches in the living room tonight. They’ve opened shelters in a nearby town for people that don’t have heat. In Ft. Chaffee, the wind wind spread a fire through over 100 buildings slated for a 21 million dollar demolition project — the building that Elvis got his haircut in when he went in the army wasn’t affected, though.

They’re predicting snow for tomorrow.

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  • Vegan Momma Jan 30, 2008

    It sounds as though a lot has been happening in your neck of the woods. Occasionally we get downed trees in our community. It's a small community surrounded by woods. The homeowners living back here have at least 1 acre of land and that is heavily wooded.

    Congrats on the job I figured it would work out. I'm sure it's a relief. 🙂

    I hope the electricity is restored soon.

  • Catherine L Jan 30, 2008

    It sounds like you've had some serious wind Mike. Stay safe and I hope you get your power back on before it snows.

  • teeni Jan 30, 2008

    Wow – I really hate when we lose power. Every once in a while when we do have power I imagine what it would be like without it and think about how much we rely on it – it amazes me. What an incredible swing in temperatures you had to deal with. Yikes. I'm glad you have a fireplace insert – those things are awesome (fireplaces without them are only good for looks in my opinion. The inserts and the woodstoves are the things that can really give you some heat. I'm glad your job is finally starting. I hate all the up in the air stuff when you are waiting for the red tape to be finalized. Keep us posted – hope you have power soon. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts!

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