Cough. Cough. Sneeze!

cough cough sneezeSome folks have it bad this year for some reason.

They cough and sneeze, sneeze and cough, and get the evil eye from others if they’re out in public because they are out in public when they should be at home instead of sharing whatever it is that’s making them sick with others.

Except they’re not sick and they’re not contagious.

It’s their allergies acting up.

Most years, at this time of year, allergies are not much of a problem for those who are allergic to pollens.  For some reason, this year, our allergies are acting up in the middle of winter.

Allergies are a result of an immune system issue.  The body mistakes relatively harmless substances, such as dust, pollen or mold, for germs and tries to defend against the invaders.  Chemicals, such as histamine, are released by the body just as they are when fighting real invaders – such as cold viruses or the flu.  For some, this can cause swollen sinus passages, a runny nose, sneezing and/or coughing.  Others, like me, have different reactions – such as itching and rashes.

Granted, it’s flu season and the media seems to have hyped the paranoia up for this years strain – maybe it’s warranted and maybe it’s not.

So when someone coughs or sneezes out in public, it’s only natural that some might be a tad concerned.

However, just because someone has a cough or sneezes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sick.

Their misery might just be from allergies.


photo info: Attribution Some rights reserved by mcfarlandmo

Sunday Commentary.


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