Cooling 3.5 degrees Celsius by 2020.

A new Norwegian study predicts that the annual mean temperature in Svalbard will drop 3.5°C over the period of 2009 to 2020 and mean winter temperature will drop 6°C.  The study is based on solar activity and the duration of solar cycles.  While the study is specific to Norway, if this actually occurs, temperatures will also drop significantly in other areas.

Cooling ‘til 2068?

A recent Chinese study of Tibetan tree rings indicates that there is nothing abnormal about the current climate conditions. The research team determined that several different natural cycles – 2-3 years, 100 years, 199 years, 800 years, and 1,324 years – combined to produce the climate history seen in the varying tree ring properties from the Tibetan Plateau.

The study indicate that temperatures have peaked and predicts that they will drop until 2068 AD, rising again after that.



The studies are two of a number of studies that run counter to the anthropogenic global warming theory so prominent in today’s media.

Global warming or global cooling?

If I had a choice, I’d prefer warming.

(I’d also prefer that governments not waste money in futile efforts that aren’t going to make a significant difference.  If we’re going to spend money like that, let’s do something worthwhile – like eradicating malaria or making sure more people in the world have clean water, something that would make a real difference instead of lining the pockets of bureaucrats or eco-snobs.)


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