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Tonight, I had a potentially important communication come through my contact page. Unfortunately, since all that I had there was a comment form, the lady that send me the message followed it up very quickly with another message telling me that she didn’t realize that the it would be published in a public location and requesting that I delete her personal information.

Since I had moderation on for new commenters, the message didn’t get published, so there was no problem. However, it did reemphasize to me the need for having a way that people can get in touch with you, especially if you are open to making money from your blog.

So, this evening, I took the time to do another of those things on my to-do list. I added a contact form to the contact page of this blog.

I don’t anticipate it being used very often, but it’s there now.

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  • Opal Tribble Dec 6, 2007

    That's a very good idea. I could not tell by looking at the form but if it is the regular plug in you might want to consider installing one that fights comment spam… with the old contact form I was getting inundated with spam using this which adds a simple math question eliminated most of it. I only get real comments now. I also included a privacy policy on my website since I do hear from advertisers/business owners who do supply their personal info. You can find my policy here

  • Opal Tribble Dec 6, 2007

    Let me make a correction using the new form it eliminated all of it. I know because for the "Title" I changed it to read "Vegan Momma's Contact form, when I see that appear in my email box I know someone is trying to contact me. All contacts have been legitimate.

  • Mike Goad Dec 6, 2007

    OK, I figured out how to add (Exit 78 Contact) to the subject line. That will help identify messages from the blog easier. Thanks!

  • Rose Dec 6, 2007

    You might be shocked. My contact form is used a lot. lol

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