Comment Limbo

I’ve just recently started commenting on some of the blogs where I find interesting material worth commenting on. For the most part I haven’t had any problems.

Thing is, though, it’s really a pain to go to the trouble of typing out a comment only to get to the end and find that you can’t submit it.

Most of the time, this seems to be because it’s on blogger and the blog I’m trying to comment on will only accept comments from people who have blogs on blogger. Now, I have a blogger account, but that blog is not active. My blogging is all done via WordPress, where I have some control, and I don’t want people going to my old blog that I am in the process of retiring and deleting.

At least now I know to check to see if “anonymous” commenting is allowed, which seems to mean that even if you give a name and web/blog page, you’re “anonymous” to blogger because you don’t have blogger account — or aren’t using it for commenting.

The WORST though was today. I spend quite a bit of time putting together a comment on how I’m not getting any comment spam any more and why for a post where the guy was complaining about all of the comment spam. I get to the end, enter the requisite name, e-mail address — the one that’ll never be used, or so they say — and the blog address. I hit the enter key and up pops the message!!!

It tells me that the program is sorry, but there’s something wrong with their blog commenting system — they’re working on it — and I should come back later and try again later.

Yeah —— right…..

Recovered from Internet Archive WayBackMachine 2/25/2011 – page

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Comments on this entry are closed.

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