Coffee prices on the road

Earlier this month, I got a bit of a shock at the high price of coffee at a Rosebud, Arkansas, convenience store.

Today, traveling to Dallas, Texas, I got coffee twice and, in both instances, was pleasantly surprised at the cost.

At a station south of Morrelton on Arkansas highway 9, just over the Arkansas River bridge, the coffee was 27¢.

At Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Karen got my coffee while I was filling up the car. The coffee was free – that’s right – 0¢.

Total cost of my two cups of coffee today was less than 1/4 the cost of that one cup of coffee in Rosebud.
There have been a number of times lately where my cup of coffee has been quite inexpensive, usually when we are on the road traveling somewhere. There are three stations I can think of that we stop at somewhat regularly because, at some point in the past, the coffee was free or at a low cost.

Low price coffee for travelers can result in repeat business.

I won’t be getting coffee at that station in Rosebud – if I happen to pass by that way again!

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