Climate Hysteria.

1976 Diagram showing probable mean northern hemisphere temperature change to the year 2000 as determined by the panel of climate expertsClimate Changes Tied to Disaster

Washington, D.C. —AP— A CIA report warns of global political and economic upheaval almost “beyond comprehension” because of climatic changes that already occurred.
The report says the world has entered a period of adverse weather that will reduce crop production and trigger widespread famine and starvation.
The unfavorable weather is likely to last for at least 40 years and possibly centuries. the report said.
Based on a study by Reid A. Bryson of the University of Wisconsin, the report states that long term changes in the weather may cause a major drought in India every four years resulting in the starvation of 150 million persons, a major famine in China every five years and the loss of the Soviet wheat fields in Kazakhstan.
The report will not be made public until Monday. but a copy was obtained by the Associated Press.
“The change of climate is cooling some significant agricultural areas and causing drought in others. It for example, there Is a Northern Hemisphere (temperature) drop of one degree centigrade it would mean that India will have a major drought every four years and can only support three-fourths of her present population.
“The world reserve would have to supply 30 to 50 million metric tons of grain each year to prevent the death of 150 million Indians.”  The Milwaukee Sentinel – May 1, 1976

A search of Google News archive for the decade of the 1970s on “climate change” finds a lot of interesting headlines:

  • dennisClimate changes concern Soviets
  • Major lava eruption could cause climate change
  • Shifts in climate to change fuel use (1977 article on release of CO2 resulting in global warming)
  • Senate to study effects of world climate change
  • Climatic changes would bring global unrest, CIA report says
  • Right climate may change O.J.’s mind
  • Climatic belts could change
  • Greenland ice study – Scientists say world climate is transitory; “for only 2 or 3 per cent of the past 400,000 years has the world been as warm as it is today.”
  • Record of a little ice age is discovered
  • Tropical zones grow drier; severe world food crisis looms
  • Climate-watchers see no change

If you don’t like the climate today, just wait…


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