Clearing the path

I certainly did NOT miss clearing the paper out of the paper path in copying machines.

copy_machineHowever, it’ still one of the necessary qualifications in today’s “paperless” nuclear power teaching environment.

On Friday, I went to the copy center to copy material I planned to hand out in my first classroom instruction since I started on this contract.

The students all have laptops and wireless access to most of the material that they need for class.  However, I’m going to be going over material associated with a certification that they need to complete and I wanted them to have a copy of the forms that that will be used by the evaluator during the test.

The machine jammed on the first copy.

I had not cleared a paper jam from a copier in at least a year.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a particularly  easy task.

Even after I finally found all of the paper, it took a while to get all the levers, knobs, and other copier widgets back in their proper positions.  The door wouldn’t close until everything was aligned for operation.

Finally, everything was somehow aligned correctly and the front door of the copier would close.

I decided to give it one more try before going to find a friendlier machine. All twelve copies sailed through with no problem — single side to double side, stapled, punched and stacked.

All in a day’s work at the power plant training center.

day 53

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