Cedar Falls

Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas, January 6, 2007

Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas, January 6, 2007 

Gallery – Petit Jean State Park and Petit Jean Mountain

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Petit Jean State Park and Petit Jean Mountain information:

Cedar Falls Trail (2 miles, 2 hours to the falls and back) is the most popular trail in the park.  The trail begins through the Mather Lodge breezeway and returns to the same point.  Rated as moderate to strenuous, in its first half mile, this hiking trail descends over 200 feet into Cedar Creek Canyon over switchbacks and steps cut from rock by the CCC over 65 years ago.  Those considering taking this trail should take into consideration that the trail returns back up the same steps and switchbacks.  The park staff recommends shoes and boots that provide good ankle support and a firm grip and only those in good shape should take this hike.  The last half mile follows Cedar Creek to one of the state’s most impressive sights, Cedar Falls, which cascades more that 90 into the canyon.  During the wet times of the year, the flow over the falls can be very spectacular, often dwindling to a trickle in the hottest and driest part of the year.  Cedar Creek was added to the register of Arkansas Natural Areas in 1977.

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