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campfire at Petit Jean

One of the nice things about being retired is that we can generally be flexible about doing things. This time last week, we had no definite plans for much of anything between now and the end of the year, other than one last camping trip before the temperature gets too low — and doing something for Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course.

Since then, we’ve had a few things plugged into the calendar.

Our camping trip is this weekend… pretty firm. Temperatures are to be in the 60s during the day and dip down into the low 40s at night. We’ll get a couple of hikes in as it’s supposed to be dry.

We’re buying a “family” Christmas present this year for our youngest daughter and her family. They moved to Wisconsin earlier this year and we decided this week that we’re going to hand deliver the present — but we will be returning home for Christmas. We’ll probably start heading home on the 23rd.

Our oldest daughter will be here for Thanksgiving, but not sure how long as her boyfriend’s father passed away a couple of months ago and they’ll probably want to spend more time with his mom, which is understandable. They won’t be here late as the store she works at in Ft. Smith will be opening at 4 AM the day after Thanksgiving.

Then yesterday, our youngest daughter called to let us know that they would be visiting her husband’s family in NW Arkansas for Thanksgiving and wondered if we wanted to come up there that weekend. So we’ll have the opportunity to see the grand kids — and our daughter and son-in-law — this month and again next month. Our oldest daughter will be going up on Saturday as well. She hasn’t seen her sister since January.

We have a family space on where we share news and photos and sometimes just chat and gossip. We’re approaching the memory limit on the photos. Yesterday and today I spent a good deal of time archiving all of the photos that are on there. I downloaded 1,185 photos. My right wrist is a bit sore from all of the repetitive motions.

I’ll be posting photos and information to flikr and my Haw Creek Out ‘n About blog during this weekend camping trip. We’re going to Petit Jean State Park. It will provide a good opportunity to see if I can post photos and travel journal material in a more timely manner than I did during our August and September trip out west.


November 15, 2007

Opal Tribble @ 1:01 pm

You are one busy man! It will be a lot of fun hanging out with family. I’m looking forward to next week when I’ll be away in South Carolina.

A family website was created several years ago but no one really participated besides myself and a few others. I would have liked to tackle the project myself. Hmm, I guess I can still do that, right? It would be a great place to load pictures, perhaps create a blog for my family. I know a few of them actually read my website although they rarely comment.

Opal Tribble @ 1:02 pm

I forgot to say I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday! :-)

November 16, 2007

teeni @ 12:14 am

You are just a social butterfly now. But that is nice – your company is always in demand! ;)


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