Bye Bye Blog, Bye Bye


No, not this one.

Exit78 is still here and I have no plans for it to disappear anytime soon.

However, after reading a post by Lorelle VanFossen, Blog Struggles: I Need an Eraser for My Old Posts, relating to redoing old posts, I got to thinking that there were a couple of old blogs that I need to redo erase.

Early last year, I created a blog about climate change called “On Climate.” While I put a lot of effort into it and had lots of links to lots of resources, in the end, I really didn’t have that many posts – and I hadn’t posted to it for over a year.  There are just too many other blogs on the subject by talented and knowledgeable people and I just didn’t want to spend the time with it that it would take to be any more meaningful than a drip in a bucket.

So I decided that”On Climate” was the first blog that was going to go.

I didn’t toss the content, though.  All but one of the posts and all of the reference pages were converted into posts on this blog, each with it’s original date and time, or real darn close.

I also moved all of the comments over – all ten or twenty of them, complete with URL links and comment luv links.

Since these were all old posts, I didn’t even want to think about trying to redirect from the old location to the new.  Besides, in taking the blog down, I also destroyed the database.  😉


Have you ever “destroyed” a blog, intentionally or otherwise?

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