Blast from the past — Sidearms at work

Note: This article was originally published January 31, 2006 on a blog I am in the process of retiring. It harks back to the times when I worked for a living — at a nuclear power plant.

It seems just wrong.

Lots of men and a few women in the building that I work in and a lot of them are packing… guns.

The one that was the strangest is the cowboy — complete with boots, jeans, western shirt, big hat and a pistol on his hip. The last time I saw him, he was leaning up against the wall down the hall from my office.

It just seems wrong — especially where I work — unless you know why they are “packing.”

The reason it seems wrong where I work is that guns are prohibited, appropriately, for everyone but the security force, except, of course for special circumstances. It’s literally a federal offense for possession of an unauthorized weapon — and rightly so.

Of course that wasn’t a problem today. If there had been an unauthorized weapon, there was plenty of “authorities” on hand for this “federal offense,” from several different federal organizations, as well as from the state and county.

So why are there so many pistol toting folks in my building today? Well, I really don’t know the details because I’m not involved with it, but it has something to do with homeland security and an assessment and familiarization of our site’s capabilities.

There sure were a lot of folks with guns in my building today, a lot more guns than I’ve seen in a very long time.

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  • teeni Sep 29, 2007

    Yikes. guns + nuclear = scary.

  • Mike Goad Sep 29, 2007

    Not scary when the guys – and gals – with the guns are the good guys.

    I did some time working with our security force before I retired and – I gotta tell ya – they aren't regular security officers. These folks can keep the bad guys out.

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