BIG BUMP in the road for my online plans…. perhaps.

Training Center Upper Level HallwayPeople have been asking me — and, sometimes, Karen, too — about this for weeks.

All I could do is shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t know anything about it. No one has called me at all.”

I understand that it is a bad time, with the holidays just ended, so much disruption in weeks prior to that, and significant major changes just around the corner, but it would still be nice to know, one way or another. I’ve been about to the point of deciding it was all just someone’s pipe dream.

Then a couple of days ago, I ran into a fellow — a neighbor of ours — who is a very major stakeholder in this, and HE asked me about it. All I could do is shrug my shoulders and tell him, “I don’t know anything about it. No one has called me at all.” His look of surprise was priceless. It was almost as though he thought it was a given — and it wasn’t.

Earlier today, I was sitting right here when Karen answered the phone. “Just a minute…. ….. …., Mike! It’s for you.”

Well, now, when someone asks, I can say that I’ve been contacted and there is something to all of the rumors that have been flying around. However, nothing is official, so I’m not going to get into specifics at this time — more to come later, one way or another.

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  • dcr Jan 9, 2008

    So, you're borrowing from my idea of repeatedly mentioning my "secret project" while giving scant details in order to boost traffic? πŸ˜‰

  • Mike Goad Jan 9, 2008

    Actually, I did think of you as I wrote this, but this isn't a secret project. If there's anything to it, it will all be out in the open in a short time as it is somewhat time sensitive. πŸ˜‰

  • teeni Jan 9, 2008

    Oh, I hate suspense. I'm the worst – I'm like a little kid, maybe even worse than that. Just what is this all about? Will you tell us soon? How much longer do we have to wait? Is it good? Are you getting a new job? New camera? New computer? New travel plans? Oh, I can't take it. Ooooh, you're lucky I don't have your phone number or I'd be calling you right now. LOL.

  • Mike Goad Jan 9, 2008

    It's still too soon to go into fully, but I'll try to answer your questions without going into detail.

    Just what is this all about?  <font color="#ff0000">Just wait</font>Will you tell us soon? <font color="#ff0000">Likely so</font>How much longer do we have to wait? <font color="#ff0000">Not Long</font>Is it good? <font color="#ff0000">Depends on the perspective, but in many ways, yes</font>Are you getting a new job? <font color="#ff0000">Not really..</font>New camera? <font color="#ff0000">Don't need one.</font>New computer? <font color="#ff0000">Don't need one, but there might be something about it that brings one.</font>New travel plans? <font color="#ff0000">There is some travel involved, but it's not far.</font>

    Calling in the middle of the night?… I hope not. I'm fast asleep and on my anti-anxiety meds for my dental appointment at 9:00 the morning.

  • Hey Mike,
    I'm sure everything will go well. πŸ™‚

  • CatherineL Jan 9, 2008

    This sounds very intriguing Mike. When are we going to get a bigger hint as to what you're up to? I'm very curious.

  • Mike Goad Jan 10, 2008

    Opal – thanks!

    Catherine – it should be VERY soon. I'm hoping today or tomorrow because it is time sensitive and it will take a some effort on my part, but it'll be worth it, I think, even though it will detract from my ability to do some of the things I've been wanting to do. But, then, I want to do this, too.

  • teeni Jan 10, 2008

    LOL. You really have me on the edge of my seat and the way you answered my questions was just more of a tease. LOL I will try to be patient. πŸ™‚

  • Mike Goad Jan 10, 2008

    That's good. By the way, the dentist appointment wasn't the secret. However, I did have to delay making my next appointments — I need another crown and a root canal — just in case. πŸ˜‰

  • Calamity Jan 10, 2008

    Oh boy. You are good! LOL Teeni is going to explode if you dont spill it sooN! LOL I will be checking back…often! LOL

  • Mike Goad Jan 10, 2008

    Hi Calamity – I was actually looking at your snow pictures when this came in. Boy, you sure have got a lot! I know it can be a pain, but hopefully it'll help the drought. I know that Lake McConaughy over in Nebraska, when we saw it in September, was lower than I ever remember seeing it and the spring snow melt should help it recover some. I hadn't seen it in about 4 years. The lowest I ever remember before this was back in 1963, I think.

    Back to your comment — I can't spill it just yet. There's some folks that might have an idea what I'm talking about that read this on occasion and I hope they won't spill it here, either.

    There a chance I might not make it to the every-other-Monday breakfast at Old South this next week, if any of them are reading this, but then again, I might.

  • teeni Jan 10, 2008

    Calamity is right. I'm going to explode soon.

  • Lisa Jan 10, 2008

    Whatever it is..suspense posts are always good fodder to keep 'em coming back. We humans are a curious sort πŸ˜‰

  • Mike Goad Jan 10, 2008

    Thanks Lisa!

    That's it! A ploy for readership! πŸ™„

    Not really. It's has nothing to do with readership.

    I should have more info by this time tomorrow.

    If this works out, it'll be very fulfilling. If it doesn't, that's okay, too.

  • CatherineL Jan 11, 2008

    Still no news?

  • Mike Goad Jan 11, 2008

    An explanation of sorts is now posted in The BIG BUMP Revealed

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