Belated Posting!

My intent is to post at least daily to this blog. Since my last post was 6 days ago, I’m obviously not meeting that intent.

I guess this has been somewhat of a busy week. We had planned to leave on Thursday on our first extended excursion away from home. With all that we wanted to do, that got delayed until Friday. Yet here I am late on Saturday night, we’re still not ready to go and we’re hitting the road Monday morning. The change from Friday to Monday was made to avoid traveling in wintery weather – which went north of us instead of south. Oh, well..

The nice thing about it is that it really doesn’t matter. We’re not on a schedule. We had no reservations and no definite plans. We’ll be taking several days to get down to the Corpus Christi area and will likely stay at state parks along the way. We don’t have a portable satellite internet dish and modem yet so we won’t be on-line every day.

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