Back to retirement… again.

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Tomorrow is Monday – and I’m not going to be going to work.

Friday was the last day of my regular responsibilities, though I will be going back next week for a couple of nights to run the simulator.  The core part of what I was contracted to do is over and done.

This was my fourth contract since I retired six years and few days ago.  My job, each time, is to work with nuclear power plant operators who are in advancement training to be licensed as reactor operators or senior reactor operators.  At the point where I start, they have been through the training on the systems and components that are controlled from or interface with the control room.  The training I’m involved with is related to normal, abnormal and emergency operation of the plant.

The class that just finished had eight operators in training to be licensed reactor operators and six who were going for senior reactor operator licenses.

I have been working with license classes for a long time. It’s always gratifying when the class finishes successfully, which it almost always does.  The results of this class were particularly gratifying and I’m quite proud of the students.  They worked well together as a class as well as in their individual simulator teams.

If I go back for the next class, it’ll probably be in the winter as that’s when the next class will be at the point where I normally start.

2012-2013 license class

New blog.

I’ve started a new blog that I’m just going to use for posting new Zazzle products.  It’s called Zazzle @ Exit78 and it’s intended to be nothin’ but Zazzle.  I want to be able to post new Zazzle products, but I don’t want to post too much or too often about Zazzle here on Exit78.

Snow  "Explore" Some rights reserved by Luis Hernandez - on FlickrTravel Plans.

We often travel after I complete a contract, but we don’t have any specific plans this time.  There are plenty of things that need to be done around here.  For the near term, we’ll probably be doing some middle of the week camping trips in this general area.  Some time later in the year, we’ll likely mosey on up to Wisconsin to see Jessica, Shane, Ciera, and Utah.


I still monitor a number of climate related blogs.  The trends and news that I’m seeing still point to anything but global warming.  In fact, the opposite is more likely over the next couple of decades.   “Don’t sell your coat.”


Freedom 54 Freedom 54Attribution Some rights reserved by jumpinjimmyjava
snow Snow “Explore” Attribution Some rights reserved by Luis Hernandez –

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