An Image from a Very Different Time

Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm - Cimaron County, Oklahoma

Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm – Cimaron County, Oklahoma

I’m currently reading a book about the dust bowl period of the Great Depression. It’s a time that most people living today know very little about. Life was different then. Values were different.

I like photography. I like taking pictures and sharing them with others. I also like finding public domain images, cropping them and adjusting them and then sharing them with others.

Along with my own pictures, I plan on presenting images that I find from other times and other places.

Photo Information:
Taken: 1936 Apr.
Rothstein, Arthur – photographer
Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection
Location of public domain digital image:

great depression, history, photography, weather

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  • CatherineL Feb 19, 2008

    I love this pic Mike. And it is true – values were certainly different then. We seem to have spoiled so much in the name of progress, that you have to wonder whether we've really progressed at all.

  • Calamity Feb 19, 2008

    I love old pictures like this. I am a huge history buff. My dream vacation is where we can go through old abandoned towns and wander around and just feel the history!

  • Tim Feb 19, 2008

    Grapes of Wrath. I live in Raleigh, NC and we're currently in what is allegedly the worst drought in decades (however, it wouldn't be a problem at all were it not for the fact that we have a massive population influx and also have a local government that has no familiarity with the notion of restraining building growth)

  • teeni Feb 19, 2008

    This is a great photo! I love how the background just kind of disappears in the distance. The focus is definitely on the immediate subjects.

  • Beth Ellen Feb 21, 2008

    This is really a powerful image. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Goad Feb 26, 2008

    Thanks all!

    As I have time, I'll be posting other interesting images that I find here and on my flickr page.

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