Air Conditioner Failed….

US weather map; July 19, 2011

Late yesterday afternoon, while I was at work in the simulator, Karen texted that our over 20 year old air conditioner (heat pump) had stopped working. Sad smile

We ended up spending the night in the motorhome as the house was warmer than we like for sleeping.  I didn’t get off until almost 10 P.M. and Karen had the motorhome all set up when I got home, except for connecting the water.  The plumbing was still “winterized” with no water in any of the supply lines and I wanted to be home when the lines were filled.

With the current weather, it’s not a good time to be without cooling

The country is in the grips of a pretty widespread heat wave.  The orange on the map is a heat advisory, which is what we are in – “dangerous heat stress conditions…” during the afternoon and early evening hours.  The purple area is a excessive heat warning. “A prolong period of dangerously hot temperatures will occur.  The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely.”

To the east, Tropical Storm Bret is expected to stay out to sea and will provide no relief of any kind for the heat.

Smile Fortunately, the service tech from the heating and air company showed up about 9 A.M. The problem was a fan motor and they had a replacement on the truck.  Replacing it and checking the refrigerant pressure took less than a half hour.  Now the house is cool and the air conditioner is cycling on and off periodically.

No relief in the near term:

area forecast for period beginning july 19, 2011


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