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I’ve been editing and updating my blog-roll, trimming some of those that have withered on the vine (i.e. stopped posting). In the process I noticed a couple of instances where context sensitive ads didn’t quite fit the content of the blog.

On a blog about professional blogging:

  • “You Have 2 Secret Crushes — 2 People Want You! Find Out Who it Is – Scary How Accurate This Is.”
  • “Sick Profile Graphics — Glitters, Posters, Background Codes. Pimp Your Profile Today!”

On a personal blog of a happily married lady who lives in the mountains out west:

  • Asian Friends –Search 1000s of Asian Sites. 100% Free! Find The Right Site Now.
  • Single thai girls — Girls and women from Thailand searching for friends
  • Abraham Lincoln — Learn Little-Known Facts About The Fascinating Life of Lincoln.
  • 100% Free Personals — Meet singles in your area now. We’re 100% free for everything!

In most cases, the ads do match the content very closely. Of course, a lot of the blogs I look at either have no ads or ads that are static and don’t change with the content.


November 24, 2007

teeni @ 11:45 am

I get a kick out of seeing the mismatched ads. Maybe that is the evil streak in me?

November 25, 2007

Rose @ 4:41 pm

Right now you have a dating ad on your blog for sexy single girls. lol

November 26, 2007

CatherineL @ 5:25 am

Hi Mike – what a heap of mismatches. I don’t use contextual ads on my business blog much. They were just not accurate. Because my surname is Lawson, I was just getting too many ads about law.

Opal Tribble @ 2:41 pm

Yeah I get that occasionally on my websites that have contextual ads.
Occasionally I will use ad filtering to weed out the advertisements I don’t want.


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