A very short move.

Our stay at Devils Garden Campground was for three days, but there was still more that we wanted to see in Arches National Park as well as other areas.  On our 2007 trip, we had stayed 3 nights at the KOA southeast of Moab.  This time, we decided to stay there again for four nights, extending our time in the area out to a full week.  Driving distance was just 28.6 miles from Devils Garden to the KOA – the shortest distance between campgrounds we’ve done since September 2009.

Moab is the county seat for Grand County, which takes its name for the original name of the Colorado River, which runs north and west of town.  The town’s population is around 5,000, with an economy largely based on tourism and outdoor adventure activities.

Selected Information Resources:

Arches National Park.

Bureau of Land Management


We hadn’t quite reached our furthest distance away from home.  At this point, we still had about a week left in Utah before heading into Arizona.



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