A very long day, publication plans, etc., etc.

Yesterday was supposed to be a 12 hour day. I went in a little early to make sure everything was set up right for the evaluations that we would be doing in the simulator. Unfortunately, four of the six evaluations took longer than expected. After getting to work around 6 A.M., I didn’t leave the building until 10:40 P.M.


It made for a very long day — the longest work day I’ve had in a very long while.

However, it’s enough to let me take all of Friday off, so I’ll have a three day weekend.

Blog Posting

While I am working a 40 hour week, I’ve found that publication on a very regular schedule works for me, so long as I keep with the blog tagline, “Sharing some of my photos, vintage images I’ve discovered, and — occasionally — commentary and thoughts from retired life.”

And that’s what I plan to do, much as I’ve done the last couple of weeks — photos from our travels, vintage images of interest that I’ve found, and an occasional commentary, say once a week or so, on various topics.

For the visitors who like my photos, I’m also publishing them on two other blogs, Haw Creek and Haw Creek Out ‘n About.

While those two blogs are intended to have slightly different content, one RV related and the other travel related, right now all I am primarily publishing a random photo from our travels each day.

Photos published here and on the other two blogs are always different from each other and, generally, have not been published in the past.  The exceptions to that are that I may republish some images that I post while we are traveling and some images that I posted before I established my current semi-random selection process may reappear.  It’s just too difficult to go back through all of the old posts.

day 76

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