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Here’s some more interesting, to me, images that I’m using on Zazzle. These were obtained while exploring just to see what I could find.

Matthäus Seutter’s chart to the comets (poster)

Hand-colored engraving of text and celestial sphere centered on earth; by Matthäus Seutter, ca. 1742 “Cometa, qui anno Christi 1742 apparuit, ex observationibus, a die 13 Marty usque ad 15 Aprilis”

Arthurian Romance Illuminated page (poster)

French medieval manuscript page, ca. 1275-1000. Written in elegant gothic textura by one scribe.

1918-00 Joseph Parnel 18334u
Lest liberty perish from the face of the earth (poster)

Design drawing for poster titled “That liberty shall not perish from the earth – buy Liberty Bonds” for the Fourth Liberty Loan during World War I. Drawing shows the Statue of Liberty in ruins with New York City in flames in the background. Artist: Joseph Pennell, created 1918; Inscription: “Watercolor sketch of idea.”

Wahktageli a Dacota Indian by Karl Bodmer 1005232
Wahk-tä-ge-li “Gallant Warrior” (poster)

Image is from 1839 print by Akermann and Co., London. Karl Bodmer painted the original protrait in 1833. Wahk-tä-ge-li was called “Big Soldier” by Missouri River traders. Yankton Dakota tribe.

1904-00 Roesch (Louis) Co., Litho 3b48112u
1904 Teddy Roosevelt election poster.

For President, Theodore Roosevelt, For Vice President, Charles W. Fairbanks; Lithograph by Louis Roesch Co., San Francisco.

1904 Edward S Curtis 05926u
The vanishing race—Navaho (poster)

Navajos on horseback riding away from photographer. 1904; Edward S. Curtis.

1904 Edward S Curtis 3g07990u
Navajo man (poster)
Head-and-shoulders portrait of a Navaho man wrapped in blanket and wearing headband. ca.1904; Edward S. Curtis.
1903-06-02 J.W. Collins 3g11486u
Geronimo (poster)

Geronimo, whom Gen. Miles named the “Human Tiger”; “Geronimo is the most terrible name in the history of two hundred years of bloody Indian fighting.  He is now a prisoner of war at Ft. Sill, O. T.”hand-colored photographic print. June 2, 1903

1903-00 Charles M. Russell 3g07160u
The Custer fight (poster)

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, showing Native Americans on horseback in foreground. Charles M. Russell.  ca. 1903

1902-00 Charles M. Russell 3g07163u
When Sioux and Blackfeet met (poster)
Battle between Sioux and Blackfeet Indians. Charles M. Russell. ca. 1902
1899-00 White Star Coffee 3f05738u
Pure white star coffee (poster)

Advertising poster for “White Star Coffee” showing three frogs, each standing on the back of another, with the topmost frog reaching for a star labeled “Pure.” U.S. Printing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, ca1899. A Russell-Morgan print.

1899-00 Strobridge Litho. Co 3b48470u
Forepaugh & Sells Brothers Shows Combined (post cards)

The World Famed Hanlon Troupe. Cincinnati & New York : Strobridge Litho. Co., 1899

1899-00 Russell-Morgan print 3f05742u
The Edison concert phonograph (poster)Advertising poster for Edison phonographs showing a man playing a phonograph on a stage before large audience seated in a grand concert hall. Thomas Edison trademark. U.S. Printing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, ca1899. A Russell-Morgan print.
1899-00 Edward S. Curtis 3g08289u
Seal hunters in Alaska – 1899 (poster)Two native Alaskan people in boat at Glacier Bay.  Photograph by Edward B. Curtis.
1898 Donaldson Litho Co 3f05745u
Kindred Interests – 1899 (poster)”A union in the interest of humanity – civilization – freedom and peace for all time” Poster showing personifications of America (Columbia and Uncle Sam) and Great Britain (Britannia and John Bull) holding hands in friendship, with vignettes of naval battles.  Poster cites such reasons for “kindred interests” as: English tongue, resources, integrity, valor, colonial success, chivalry, and invincibility. Donaldson Litho Co.

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