A stroll through “Park Avenue.”

In this case, Park Avenue is a canyon in Arches National Park.  A  1 mile (1.6 km) trail leads through it between the Park Avenue parking area and the Courthouse Towers parking area.

Our September 27, 2011 hike started from and returned to the Court House Towers parking area, going up hill up the canyon and down hill on our return.  We turned back at the steepest part of the trail, a short section from the Park Avenue viewpoint and trailhead.

Park Avenue viewpoint is the first major stop in the park after the visitor center.

Most visitors pass by Park Avenue trail  on their way to other more popular features, stopping only at the viewpoints at either end to perhaps snap a few photos.  We saw few other hikers on our “stroll” along the dry wash that passes between the towering walls of the canyon.

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Arches National Park.


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