A Rocky Mountain Park…

Rocky Mountain National Park, to be exact.

After our short stay in the Colorado Springs area, we headed mostly north to our next stop, Moraine Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park.

View from fall river pass

Looking down Fall River Valley from Fall River Pass.


2011_trip_map_4th_legThis was our fifth visit to this area – not counting the trip with my grandparents and 17 year old uncle back in 1957 when I was 5 years old.

The drive for the day was about 145 miles.  Unfortunately, it was also through the Denver metro area and there wasn’t much of an easy way around that.  We would prefer traveling through metropolitan areas on a weekend when the traffic is less, but I had been unable to get reservations at the park campground for the duration we wanted any earlier than September 12, a Monday.

We delayed starting out a little while in an attempt to miss the worst of the traffic.

I was in the left hand lane on US 24 not long after we left when I noticed the driver in the next lane holding up a card trying to get my attention.  I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it was basically telling me that I should be driving in the right hand lane.  Now I understand people getting upset when people abuse traffic requirement, including the one where slower vehicles are supposed to stay to the right.  I was driving a 25 foot motorhome towing a car, so, yes, I was going slower than some others. However, I also had a GPS that was telling me that about a mile down the road I had to make a left turn to get on the freeway and, with the heavy morning traffic, I was in the left hand lane early to make sure I didn’t miss it.  The guy made a right turn shortly after that so I wasn’t really delaying him at all.  Just a control freak jerk, I guess.

I’m working on the photos and videos from the several days we were in the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) area.  We were in some locations more than once and I want to group the material from those together, so the RMNP posts won’t necessarily be chronologically sequenced.

More to come.


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