A retired geologist vs. the UN IPCC

Forbes India has an account of how a retired geologist took apart the alarmist climate claims of a Nobel Prize winning organization.


Hell Breaks Loose
Raina vividly remembers the day the report was released. “It is surprising that even on the day when this document was released by the minister, a lot of press asked me questions but nobody bothered to put them in the papers because probably at that time they thought this fellow knows nothing… yeh to mantriji ne kar diya,” he says. He was partially correct. Not many took the statement too seriously in the beginning, except for some stray critics writing in the media. But the one man who took immediate note of it and reacted bitterly was R. K. Pachauri, chairman of IPCC.

Read the Forbes India article: V K Raina: The Man Who Came In From The Cold


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