A Manufactured Crisis.

Sunday Commentary

Fiscal Farce - Approaching the Cliff

That’s all the US fiscal cliff debacle was – a manufactured crisis, albeit a crisis that was cobbled together with intentions of inducing politicians to either legislate responsibly or have significant spending cuts and taxes kick in automatically.

I can’t say that I’m really surprised that the fiscal cliff was “averted” – temporarily – but all the politicians have done is a little fiddling and “kicked the can” – once again – a little further “down the road.”

And I think we have only had a temporary reprieve.

They will be right back at this again in February or so when the debt ceiling issue comes up – and we are already bumping up against the country’s current debt limit.

And you can’t blame it on one party or the other, one group of politicians or another, or one house of Congress or the other.  They… are… ALL… to… blame!  and that blame includes more than just a couple of presidential administrations and does include this one.

If we’re not there already, the United States is headed for a level of unsustainable debt – the government’s spending is already beyond sustainable.

A responsible media should long ago have been all over the real problems with our country’s fiscal future.  The media, though, is just as irresponsible, acting as enablers for policies, programs, and spending beyond what we can afford – mostly in the unspoken names of ratings and entertainment instead of doing truly responsible journalism.

Social responsibility is important. However, social programs and their beneficiaries, long term, will be adversely impacted by irresponsible fiscal policies.

Image: Fiscal Farce: Approaching the Cliff

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