A FUN digital image — 4 bugs in one


One of the things I really like about my digital camera is the ability to shoot multiple pictures rapidly. I sometimes use this capability to “paint” or “sweep” a composite image. I sweep from side to side and up and down, capturing as many as 20 or 30 images in a short period of time, which I can later assemble using Autostitch.

This photo was a bit of serendipity. I’ve had a few composite “sweeps” where there was something or someone moving. Sometimes this results in a person or thing being stitched out of the image. Sometimes, there will be a ghost image. On my first attempt with the green VW, I ended up with this image.


To get the final result, I cropped each of the original images so that the background behind the car was unique in each cropped image. Thus, when the four images were merged, the portion of the image where the car didn’t get blended into a common background.

A larger version of the image is scheduled to be published on my photo blog on October 21st

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  • teeni Oct 9, 2007

    LOL. My head couldn't keep up with the process of how you achieved your picture (not because of your explanation – just because I have a hard time following this type of thing anyway) but I do love the end result. Looks like something VW might want to use in the way of a magazine advertisement. 😉

  • Opal Tribble Oct 9, 2007

    Now that is neat occasionally I do tricks with my photos although I have not posted them yet. I'll get around to it. I'm a big fan of advanced posting as well. Next week I'll start posting for when I'll be away during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Mike Goad Oct 9, 2007

    I'm trying to do the advanced posting for time management reasons. I've got a bunch of things that I want to work on, but I want to reduce the impact of that work on my blogging, so I'm pre-posting on the blogs that are set up for posting on a bit of a schedule.

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