A cool photographer!!

I’ve just been browsing through some neat and amazing photos on flikr. I’ve known the photographer for a very, very long time and have seen a few of her images, but haven’t really stopped and took a good look them in quite a while.

The pictures are really, really good.

Makes me quite proud!

You see, she’s my daughter and I think I might be able to learn a thing or two from some of the pictures she’s been taking. Cool!

Sycamore Leaf

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  • Melanie Goad Oct 28, 2007

    Wow! Coming from the guy whose camera bag I seem to remember toting around when I was a kid and whose photography books I used to pore over, this is high and meaningful praise indeed!

    Thanks, Dad.

  • teeni Oct 28, 2007

    Wow – she IS good and it looks like she's gotten herself quite a following on Flickr! Nice pics! That was an enjoyable little trip for me! 😉

  • Calamity Oct 29, 2007

    wow! She is very talented!!

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