A cloud timelapse photo experiment.

Did a little bit of experimenting today with time lapse photography.  This short video was shot off our front deck this afternoon.  It actually consists of 500 photos.  The camera was on a tripod and programmed to take one photo every 5 seconds.  In Windows Live Movie Maker, I set the duration for each photo to .05 seconds.  The audio is from YouTube audio swap, which has a wide variety of audio that has been made available to apply to uploaded videos.

The weather today was atrocious.  I know that I said I’d much rather have the heat and humidity than the storms we were getting a couple of months ago, but this is more than I asked for.  Today was 101.9° on our porch.  Down in town it was 105° – we’re always cooler up here in the warmer months.

If I wasn’t working this contracts we’d be heading to cooler climate – Colorado, Wyoming, somewhere cooler than here.


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