It’s now 365 days since I first published the image below – 365 days with at least one post on each and every day.

Marry Christmas!  Hands UP!

“Hands Up”–As Santa Claus Looks to Some of Us....This image is from an illustration by Will Crawford on the cover of the December 11, 1912 issue of Puck, “America’s first successful humor magazine of colorful cartoons, caricatures and political satire of the issues of the day.”

I didn’t start out to accomplish a post every day for a year.  Initially, I was simply posting holiday related images and other material through the Christmas holidays – which I then pushed out until after January 1, 2013 with New Year’s related material.

At some point, I decided to try to extend the continuous string of posts out over a full year.  I didn’t announce it, so any publication pressure was purely self-induced.

And, now, it’s done.

A great majority of these posts have been images, but that is largely what I do, take pictures and share them, find images and share them.  I may do more writing of blog posts now that this extended run is done, but I will continue to share images.  I haven’t created any new videos to share since February so there may be more of those in the future to share – or not.

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