$142.51 for a bunch of Pokemon cards – and a NEAT story

Karen shared a hilarious eBay story with the family about a lady with 6 kids who went grocery shopping and one of the kids slipped some Pokemon cards into the carts without her catching it. It is absolutely hilarious.

You can read the story on the original page at eBay for now — it’ll go away eventually. It’s titled Lot of Pokemon Cards that My Kids Tried to Sneak by Me. She had 53 bids and the winning bid was for $142.51 by redsox*07.

You can also read it on her blog, where she titled the article Adventures in Grocery Shopping. If you like reading funny true stories, I recommend this one highly!

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  • teeni Sep 1, 2007

    That was a great story! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Rose Sep 4, 2007

    I heard about this. Isn't that wild?

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