☺The Yellowstone–and some progress to report and show. ☺ ☺

Scribner’s Monthly – An Illustrated Magazine for the People; December 1871; Scribner & Co.; New York

Yellowstone Lake by Thomas Moran THE second expedition to the Yellowstone recently returned from that region with stories even more marvelous than those brought by the Langford party of 1870. It has been said, in the West, that every man who goes up there loses his reputation for veracity. But we suppose the most incredulous will be compelled to ….


The rest of this short article can be found on the new site I’ve been working on using the new Thesis 2.0 blogging and CMS framework.

I’m still tweaking and figuring it out.  There is still a long ways to go before I can start incorporating it on the other sites.


The new site – actually a sub-site of Haw Creek – probably won’t have a blog associated with it, even though I’m using “blogging” software to build it.  Instead, it will have static pages with information about places we like. 

I intentionally went without the “traditional” header that goes across the top off so many pages and blogs.  Instead, I want each page’s headline – its topic – to be at the top…, for now.

Instead of the header, I created a new little logo that I put at the top on the left.  I actually used PowerPoint to make the graphic and then saved it as a image file.

destinations_logoI can see where I could use a variation of this logo for the other Haw Creek pages, too. 

I’m actually building the site’s “skin” – it’s look and feel.  I began this one with everything totally blank and with absolutely no formatting what-so-ever.  The neat thing about the new Thesis 2.0 is that I was able to do it without writing any HTML or CSS – and that I was able to get to this point without tweaking someone else’s theme.

Don’t get me wrong.  This wasn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be.  I spent a lot of time trying to make the columns work right and, then, after I had them working for over two days, I changed something and they were all messed up again.  Fortunately, I’m past that point for this particular project – or, at least, I should be.

Now, it’s beddy-bye time as I have to get up early for work.


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